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GLF Schools

Posted on: 03/09/2019

Here are nine reasons to join Chestnut Park, there are many more to discover

Here are nine reasons we are outstanding but there are many more to discover, join us for the open sessions starting on September 30.

High Aspirations

‘Leaders and those responsible for governance have high aspirations of what pupils can achieve. They see no limits to what can be put in place to support pupils and their family.’

Passionate Staff

‘The inspirational headteacher has played a pivotal role in the creation of the new school. She leads a strong team of equally committed and passionate staff who drive improvements. As a result, pupils benefit from an outstanding education at the school.’


‘Leaders and teachers have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour in lessons and at break times and lunchtimes. They communicate these expectations clearly. Pupils are supportive of each other and treat staff with respect.’

High Standard

‘Teaching and learning are of a very high standard across the school. Teachers and support staff are enthusiastic and skilled in getting the very best out of pupils.’

Stimulating environment

‘leaders enable children in the early years to learn in an inspiring and stimulating environment. As a result, they are challenged to achieve their potential.’


All staff see early intervention and safeguarding as the cornerstone of their work.’


We are Outstanding in all areas - according to Ofsted

Significant Progress

‘Pupils who speak English as an additional language make significant progress across the curriculum.’


'The work of leaders to engage and support parents is exceptional.’