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GLF Schools was founded in 2012 in order to enable the federation of Glyn School (an academy in 2011) and Danetree Junior School. Together, we began our journey to become a MAT of more than 1000 talented staff working with over 10,000 children in 40 schools across 5 regions in southern England.

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School Standards Board

Welcome to the School Standards Board (SSB) area of Chestnut Park Primary School website.

Chestnut Park Primary School is part of the GLF multi-academy trust.

Information about the governance structure at GLF Schools, including the register of business interests and meeting attendance, can be found here.

Our School Standards Board (SSB) has the following core responsibilities:

  • Strategic oversight of the education provision of the school
  • Strategic oversight of the compliance of the school with Trust policies
  • Supporting the Trust Board to ensure good governance across the Trust


Declaration of business interests and attendance at meetings

The SSB is made up of individuals with a diverse set of skills and expertise which we effectively deploy in order to support the Head of School and the Executive Headteacher in the formulation of strategic plans and policies for the short, medium and long term future of the school

Members of the SSB




Lee Webster

Parent SSB (Chair)

Hi there, I'm Lee Webster, and I'm really pleased to be the Chair of Chestnut Park School Standards Board. I've been part of the school community for 5 years as a parent, and I joined the SSB two years ago because I'm passionate about making sure our school is the best it can be for all our children. I'm always happy to hear from any parents, so please look out for me at drop off and pick up time, or drop me a line. 

Apart from being a mum and a member of the school community, I've worked in the charity sector on gender equality and human rights for over 20 years. My work has been international, taking me to many countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, and for three years I was an English teacher in a school in Mozambique.  These days I am happy to work in the UK, and currently I am Deputy CEO of a charity that addresses domestic abuse.  

I've lived in Croydon for nearly 15 years, just a few minutes walk from school. This is the community that my family and I have made our home, and Chestnut Park plays a huge role in that.  I'm happy to be able to give back to the school and community with my time and skills, and help to ensure that Chestnut Park provides the best possible experience for each child.







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Andrei Mihai

Community SSB Member

I am an experienced Business Analyst with a diverse background and extensive experience in the higher education sector. My career highlights include roles in teaching, business development, immigration advice and in IT, including Business Analysis and Project Management, all within higher education. I have also had the opportunity to live and work in various countries, including Ukraine, Italy, and Romania, gaining valuable international exposure and cultural insights.

I have a strong educational foundation, holding a BA, MA, and an MBA, equipping me with a multidisciplinary skill set. I have also acquired various professional certifications with a focus on Business Analysis, Strategic Management and Leadership, Stakeholder Management, and IT Service Management. I enjoy learning and actively seek opportunities to continue my professional and personal development. Throughout my career, I have successfully applied my expertise to help deliver projects that meet strategic objectives and drive business growth and success.

I enjoy engaging in diverse conversations and learning from various perspectives. Whether it's discussing international cultures, travel, language, or even cuisine, I appreciate the richness that comes with exploring different aspects of our world. I also enjoy staying active and being outdoors. With my diverse background, international exposure, and a passion for continuous learning, I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with SSB members, school staff and students. I am excited to contribute using a unique blend of expertise, adaptability, and a broad range of conversation topics, fostering a productive and engaging atmosphere in any projects I am part of.

Sharon Williams

Community SSB Member

Sharon has been with Chestnut Park as an SSB for more than two years and has a specialism in Health and Safety and planning as she also works for Croydon council.

Aasia Aslam

Parent SSB Member

Aasia has been an SSB member for over two years and is also a member of GLF Trust Finance committee.

Stella Osan

Community SSB Member


Zelita Diei-Yoa

Parent SSB Member







Rachel Jacob

Executive Headteacher

Hello!  My name is Rachel Jacob and I have the privilege of being the Executive Headteacher at Chestnut Park Primary School.  I have four children who are all now grown up and I understand the importance of a great start to a child's education as we enable them to grow in their learning.  My favourite quote is: “Give them a thought and they’ll learn for a day. Teach them to think and they’ll learn for a lifetime" Art Costa 

I have a Masters Degree in Education and Higher Diploma Qualifications in SEND and have held a number of senior leadership roles. I have recently joined Chestnut Park (September 2023) but with 33 years in education including the past 20 years as a Headteacher;  Executive Headteacher and National Leader of Education I have been able to grow a vast amount of knowledge, skills and experience within the school communities I have served.  These have all been in disadvantaged communities where I have sought to ensure my leadership provides the best opportunities for everyone children, staff and families alike.  

I have also been a staff governor and Chair of Governors in the past and am aware of the importance of the School Standards Board holding the school to account and supporting them to continue the school's journey to excellence.   

As an associate member of the School Standards Board at Chestnut Park, I will be responsible for two-way communication between teachers and leaders at the school and ensuring we continue to work in partnership with Glyn Learning Foundation (GLF) and maximise all the benefits of Chestnut Park being part of a wider learning and development family.



Sarah Rumbol

Head of School

I began my journey in education in 2008 as a class teacher in County Cork, Ireland where I taught for five years. In 2013, I moved to the UK with my family (I am a Mum of two children) and began my teaching career in the UK in a school in Sutton where I worked for 10 years in the classroom and in senior leadership roles-KS1 manager, Assistant Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher. I began working at Chestnut Park in January 2023 as Deputy Head Teacher and quickly felt part of the amazing team which are welcoming, warm and all share a common goal of wanting the best for our Chestnut children and families. It is an honour to be leading and working alongside all the CP team this year. Over the last 15 years working in educations, I have continued to develop myself professionally. I hold diploma in Religious Education and have completed much training in safeguarding to name some further training I have completed. My professional passion is safeguarding and am privileged to be Chestnut Park's designated safeguarding lead this year. Working to ensure the safety and care of all our children is my utmost priority. I am looking forward to working alongside the Schools Strategic Board in this.

Natalie Broad

SSB Member and Education Partner from GLF Schools


The committee members can be contacted through the Clerk at:


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