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Chestnut Park Admissions

If your child was born between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018 you MUST apply by 15 January 2022 for a primary school place.

Information on the admissions process is on the Croydon Council website.



This provides notice that the GLF Trust Board has agreed a change to the admissions policies of all schools in the Trust for 2021 and 2022 to reflect that children who have been in state care outside of England, and ceased to be in care as a result of being adopted, must now be given the highest priority in oversubscription criteria, alongside looked after children and previously looked after children.

This change comes into effect from 1 September 2021 and amends the admissions policies as already published for 2021 and 2022.


Chestnut Park Admissions

Consultation: Admissions Arrangements for 2023/24

We are consulting on our Admissions Arrangements for 2023/24. This consultation commenced at 9am Thursday 11 November 2021 and will close at 5pm on Saturday 8 January 2021. To take part in the consultation, please email your comments to Katie Gillen admissions officer using the following email address:

Our Admissions Arrangements for 2023/24 are available here in full. Anyone wishing to participate in the consultation is encouraged to read these in detail.

The key changes to our admissions arrangements are as follows:

  1. The removal of the ‘social/medical’ oversubscription criteria as our school aspire support any child whatever their needs.

This consultation is taking place in accordance with the requirements as set out in the School Admissions Code (here). The consultation must take place for six weeks and it is good practice that this six-week period excludes school holidays.

The GLF Trust Board is the Admissions Authority for our School. It will review all responses to the consultation prior to agreeing the final Admissions Arrangements for 2023/24. These will be published on our website no later than Tuesday 15 March 2022, in line with the statutory requirement.


Admissions - Reception 2022 

We warmly invite parents and carers looking for Reception places in September 2022 to come for a tour of the school. Please visit our Open Events page to see the dates and times available. 

Welcome to Chestnut Park Primary School & information about our school. Please view our three presentations below. Presentations from Mrs Smith (Executive Head), Mrs Lewis (Head of School), Miss Poonian (EYFS lead) and EYFS teachers


Curriculum in the EYFS Video


Frequently asked questions- we will update this fortnightly

When can my child start school?

If your child was born between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018 you MUST apply by 15 January 2022 for a primary school place.

Do you provide before and after school care?


Please note these places are subject to availability and prices may change by 2022


Download the STARTING SCHOOL pdf (bottom of the page) to support your child as they begin their education at Chestnut Park. Transition into Chestnut Park School and the Reception Year.