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Phased reopening of Reception letter 15.6.20

Tuesday 16th June 2020

School Reopening Letter-  Reception Children From Monday June 22nd

Please note this letter applies to families that have said they are returning to school in the Reception classes next week. If additional families would like their Reception child to return, please email Mrs Lewis for her consideration. In the first week, we have only made provision for 15 within each bubble.

Dear  Parent/Carer,

Please note that this letter will be published under the School Closure tab on the Chestnut Park School website ( and can be translated into other languages on this page by clicking ‘Select Language’.

We are now planning for a phased reopening of the Reception classes. Our planning has been underpinned by two key principles:

  • The safety of our children, our students and our staff is paramount; this includes their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. All our decisions are led by the welfare of children and staff, guided by the latest advice from government, PHE and other scientific evidence. This has included risk assessing every individual member of staff.
  • We must continue to provide children and students with the best quality learning that we are able to, given the circumstances.

Please be aware that it is your decision as parents and carers as to whether or not you decide                                       the time is right for your child(ren) to be in school. For the next half term, the Government has                                     stated that there will not be any penalties for parents and carers should they decide to keep their children at home.


• Arrive on time for your allocated start/end time  

• Maintain 2 metre distancing from other parents and children

• Please avoid grouping around the gate. Give people space to enter and exit

• Follow any directional signage, especially one-way routes

• Leave promptly after drop-off or pick-up



• If they have a temperature, a new cough or have a change in their sense of smell or taste

• If they are in an 'extremely clinically vulnerable' health category

• If they are living with anyone who is 'shielding’


We are setting out in this letter our plans from June 22nd 2020. It is important to understand that the plans set out in this letter may be subject to change.

There are also some key aspects of school reopening which we want to bring to your attention so that you can make an informed decision about your child returning to school:

  • Whilst we will take all measures possible to ensure social distancing, it must be acknowledged that we will not be able to maintain social distancing at all times but will teach children how to try and maintain Social Distancing.
  • Classroom layouts will be different to support social distancing, with set desks; this will be particularly different for younger children who are used to free flow play or carpet times.
  • Curriculum will be different as paired and group work will not be possible.
  • Children may see staff wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where this is required to deal with medical or sickness situations.
  • The use of education resources will be restricted and will need to be cleaned more regularly
  • Children CANNOT move between childcare key worker and class provision.
  • Children should not come to Key Worker childcare or to school and go home with a Childminder, they must have only one form of Childcare. (Please refer to government guidance)
  • All ‘bubbles’ will have 15 or under children within them and will have no planned mixing between groups; playtimes will be separate and lunch will be eaten within the classroom.
  • We have toilets identified per ‘bubble’ group including those for staff.
  • We have a one way system around the building to avoid any cross over between staff in the corridors.
  • The behaviour policy has been updated to reflect a return to school and measures we need   to take to ensure we do not mix staff between groups.
  • Parents will enter the YR playgrounds to drop their children off and maintain a 2m distance from the building at all times. Under NO circumstances should a parent/ carer enter the building- any planned meeting will be held outside or planned through a risk assessment.
  • Before and After School Club remains closed until September at the earliest.
  •  Our updated Behaviour Policy can be found on our website in the policies section under ‘Our School.’

Returning classes will be taught by a Chestnut Park teacher and supported by a Chestnut Park Teaching Assistant. This group will be a ‘bubble’ which will not mix with other ‘bubbles’ of children or adults. In order to maintain the integrity of the ‘bubble’, the Hive SEND provision will be closed. Many of our SEND TAs may not be able to return to school and therefore children with SEND needs maybe supported by a TA with which they are less familiar.

This means that children from Year R can attend school from Monday 22nd June 2020. Google classrooms remain open for those children working at home.

Timetable for Reception

Please note that the school will be open to Reception Children who have informed the school that they plan to return on Monday 22nd June 2020.

  • Monday 22nd June 9am-2.30pm
  • Tuesday 23rd June  9am-2.30pm
  • Wednesday 24th 9am-11.30am to allow a hygiene clean in the afternoon
  • Thursday 25th June 9am-2.30pm
  • Friday 26th June 9am-11.30am to allow for a deep clean

We are planning staggered ‘drop off’ and ‘pick up’ times to ensure social distancing is possible between adults and children.

Drop off and collection times:

Butterflies- drop off 15 minutes before published times above and collect 10 minutes before published times

Ladybirds- drop off 10 minutes before published times above and collect 5 minutes before published times

Dragonflies - drop off and collect at the published times

Lunch Arrangements

During the school day all children will be provided a school lunch which will be delivered directly to their classroom, therefore the children do not need to bring  a packed lunch to school. We will begin provisionally with a cold ‘picnic style’ lunch and then review after 2 weeks the possibility of moving to a hot meal provision.

Free School Meals

This week we will continue to provide the government funded FSM vouchers for those eligible children not in school. If your child is in a year group which is returning to school, but remains at home, then we will only be able to provide vouchers retrospectively once we know that your child has not attended for that week.

If you have any queries in regards to your FSM vouchers then please email

School Uniform, P.E. Kit and Personal Items

Children should wear school uniforms where possible, however, we do require the children to be wearing clean uniforms daily for hygiene purposes. We do appreciate this may be difficult for some parents and therefore, if unavoidable, the children will be permitted to wear their own ‘casual’ clothes.

In order to avoid cross contamination between home and school we are limiting what the children are able to bring in. They should not bring in their book bag or rucksack. Children will need a sunhat and suncream on (if it is hot)  before arriving. The children will not require their PE kit and the school will provide them any other resources needed. Some of these resources will be personal for each child; for example, each child will be provided with a zippy wallet to store pencils and colouring pencils inside.

Travel and School Entrances/Exits

We would advise travel to school via walking where possible, rather than the use of public transport. Only one adult may drop off and collect a child from school.

A visual guide to demonstrate planned entrances and exits for children and parents/carers will be provided.


It is vitally important that we have the most updated contact details for parents and carers. Please email with any amended details.

Further general information and guidance for parents and carers regarding coronavirus is available here:

Finally, we would like to clarify that the government has stated that there will be no penalties for parents and carers should they decide to keep their children at home.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Esther Brooks                    Hayley Lewis

Executive Headteacher   Head of School