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Year Three Curriculum

Year Three Curriculum

Autumn Term Topic
Who are our Stone Age Ancestors?
Scavengers and Settlers

Humans are special. Unlike other animals, we can adapt and learn new skills in order to survive, which is exactly what our ancestors did in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. Who are our ancestors? We will be learning how fossils are made and what we can learn from them, and as a result, what our earliest ancestors might have looked like and how were they were able to survive. We will learn how to use archaeological evidence to find out about prehistoric hunters, where our ancestors settled and how they lived. We will create prehistoric cave paintings and pottery, and update the dishes that early settlers may have eaten. As a result of our studies of scavengers and settlers, we will demonstrate h
ow we can work together to learn new skills and achieve our goals like our earliest ancestors. 

Spring Term Topic
What causes earthquakes and volcanoes?
Active Planet

The tectonic plates that form the Earth’s crust are always moving. Even the smallest movement can cause huge earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis that devastate communities across wide areas. If we can understand what is happening underground we can learn to predict and protect ourselves in the future. Imagine if our school, Chestnut Park, became a disaster relief centre because it is so securely built. Everyone in the local area would arrive here if there was an earthquake. What should we do when everyone arrives? Could you write and perform announcements for the television, telling people what to do in the case of an emergency? We will investigate why people continue to live in volcanic areas despite the dangers and about international organisations that work after natural disasters, raising money for those who have suffered as a result.  

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