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Curriculum in Pictures


Year 2 Violin and Strings

Our Year 2 children are fortunate enough to have weekly lessons learning a violin or strings musical instrument. 



Science Fair

Congratulations to all of our Science Fair entries, they were all fantastic! The 10 children who made the final will now take part in the overall science fair which is held at the University of Surrey Roehampton. 

science fair



Year Two Autumn Term

As part of the topic, 'Can Buildings Speak', Year Two studied The Great Fire of London. They designed and made fire engines to put out the fire. 


Year One Spring Term

As part of the topic, 'Were All Dinosaurs Carnivores', we planned and ran a successful and healthy Dinosaur Café for our parents.


Family Learning

At Easter we had an Easter Bonnet Parade for our parents.


Star Gazing Evening

With our GLF Astronomer, we enjoyed watching the stars and learning about Space.

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World Cup Gymnastics

We visited the World Cup Gymnastics in Summer 2017. 

world cup