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Curriculum in Pictures


Spud and Yam teach reception songs from around the world - what a great way to support our children's language development. At Chestnut Park we ensure language development is at the heart of all our work.

spud and yam


Reception children enjoyed a visit from the bee keeper. The children learnt more about bees and how wax is made. They used the wax to make candles. At Chestnut Park we ensure our children learn through hands on experience- this supports language development and a love of learning


Reception children really enjoyed world book day. Their theme was traditional tales. 

Reception exit point 2Reception Exit point

Our Reception parents visited us for our end of topic exit point. We showed them the amazing writing and artwork the children had completed about the visits from the chicks and bee keeper. We also showcased some of their amazing home learning!

Year One Spring Term

As part of the topic, 'Were All Dinosaurs Carnivores', we planned and ran a successful and healthy Dinosaur Café for our parents.


Spring Entry Point- Brooklands Museum. How will we travel in 20 years time?

Brooklands Museum News

Family Learning

At Easter we had an Easter Bonnet Parade for our parents.


Year 2 Violin and Strings

Our Year 2 children are fortunate enough to have weekly lessons learning a violin or strings musical instrument. 


Year Two

As part of the topic, 'Can Buildings Speak', Year Two studied The Great Fire of London. They designed and made fire engines to put out the fire. 


Year two exit point challenge- Habitats

Year 2

Science Fair

Congratulations to all of our Science Fair entries, they were all fantastic! The 10 children who made the final will now take part in the overall science fair which is held at the University of Surrey Roehampton. 

science fair

Whole School First Aid Training- Autumn term

first aid buddies


Star Gazing Evening

With our GLF Astronomer, we enjoyed watching the stars and learning about Space.

PicCollage (1)

World Cup Gymnastics

world cup

We visited the World Cup Gymnastics in Summer 2017. This has led to a gymnsatics club for our children throughout 2018.Chestnut Park May 2017 (19 of 155)Chestnut Park May 2017 (18 of 155)Chestnut Park May 2017 (17 of 155)