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Year One Curriculum

Year One Curriculum

Autumn Term Topic
How Will We Travel In 20 Years Time?
Transport and Travel

Have you ever wondered what transport will look like in ten, 20 or 100 years’ time? Throughout this theme we will be exploring travel of the past, present and future as well as travel in the imaginary world. As we discover more about modes of transport we will consider the sustainable use of resources and transport design; what materials should we use to make a boat, a car, can we design a wind powered car or a water powered rocket?  We will conduct scientific enquiries and pose questions such as, how can we make our paper plane go further? Using technology, we will begin to programme robots to travel a desired route. As young artists we will develop our painting and sculpture skills and we compare works of art related to transport.

Spring Term Topic
How Can I Change The World?

As Time Travellers, we will become detectives investigating famous people from the past and present day, solving clues and unlocking mysteries from the past. We will work towards celebrating our theme by hosting a Famous Superhero Party including a 'Super Hero Catwalk'. Throughout the theme we will learn about famous people of the past and the present day as well as ‘super heroes’ of our imaginary world. Whilst investigating the past, we will be developing our map work skills as we discover how people of the past travelled to the Americas, to the Moon and to be the first to climb Mount Everest. We will consider the qualities of character that these people needed in order to achieve their goal and compare these characters to imaginary superheroes. As innovators, we will learn about famous scientists and inventors such as Alexander Graham Bell. Our theme will end with a famous people museum where will be showcasing our learning for our families and the local community.

Summer Term Topic
Were All Dinosaurs Carnivores?
Dinosaur Café

As we explore the prehistoric world of dinosaurs, we will be asking and answering many questions about dinosaurs; What does dinosaur mean? How many dinosaurs were there? How and when did the dinosaurs become extinct? What was the biggest dinosaur? How many teeth did the T. Rex have? Did birds evolve from dinosaurs? As we examine the world of dinosaurs and their diets we will develop our understanding of healthy diets and healthy living. We will plan and design our own ‘Dinosaur Café’ where our guests will experience healthy eating from our home-grown food; we will be working from a budget as we develop our café and learn to manage a restricted budget whilst designing all the menus, food containers and table cloths, paying attention to detail so the ‘Dinosaur Café’ experience is one which will be remembered for years to come! We will kick start our theme with a visit to a restaurant and use the skills and knowledge developed over the term to face our ultimate challenge: developing and running our own ‘Dinosaur Café!

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