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The Stone Age Topic Year 3

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Year 3 have had great fun learning about how humans used to live during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.  We have been following a creative curriculum and have incorporated our topic learning into our English lessons. The children have produced some fabulous writing this term including a newspaper report about Mary Anning the fossil hunter, an information text about the Stone Age and Bronze Age, a retell of the story of Stone Age Boy and a diary entry from a curious Stone Age boy called Ug. 


Within DT and art, we have been developing our designing, cutting and painting skills. We have created furry milk bottle mammoths using tissue paper, cave paintings using our hand prints, clay pots using molding clay and Stonehenge silhouettes using watercolours.  We also gave the children the challenge of building Stonehenge using wafers and jam. They found this quite challenging but enjoyed the hands-on experience- even if they were covered in jam! 


As part of the children's home learning, they created a Stone Age shelter using a range of natural materials. The children have produced some fantastic work and have thought carefully about the shape and structure of their shelter.


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