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Pupils learn how a little water goes a long way

Water may be something youngsters at Chestnut Park used to take for granted, but not any more after they were taught an important lesson about the value of the precious resource during their first term in their brand new school facilities.

​In September the school began its second year of operation by moving into its new purpose-built home on the site of the old St Mary’s Hospital on St James’s Road.  Construction was carried out by building firm Wilmott Dixon, who support the work of the Water Fall charity in Africa. 

Recently, a representative from Water Fall’s Jerry Bottle scheme visited Chestnut Park for a special assembly to explain to children the importance of water conservation, and to distribute water bottles to get the message across.

“Moving into a brand new facility with a group of new young learners is a great opportunity for everyone, so it’s wonderful that the children are already learning such valuable messages about things like the importance of water, and how they shouldn’t take it for granted,” said Chestnut Park’s head teacher Esther Brooks.

“The children learnt about how there are parts of Africa where people really struggle to have decent drinking water, so to value what they have, and how just making small changes to their water habits can contribute to really significant bigger change.”

Tobias Gould, a director of Jerry Bottle, said it was great to see the work being done at Chestnut Park, a member of the GLF Schools multi-academy trust.

“Water is the healthiest drink, but when children are surrounded by so many more interesting-looking drinking options, it’s easy for them to overlook it,” he explained.

“Water deserves to look good too, which is what we’re aiming to do with the bottles, and they also benefit people who don’t have such ready access to water, so everyone wins. We’re keen to do all we can to help schools wean children off packaged drinks, so the work being done at places like Chestnut Park is really to be encouraged and applauded.”