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Senior Leadership Team 2020-2021

Executive Headteacher - Mrs E Brooks (NPQH); DSL, SEN Accreditation, Inclusion lead, Thrive Practitioner   Esther 2 Photo
Head of School - Mrs H Lewis, DSL, Assessment Lead, Thrive Practitioner   091312-3952138
Head of School - Mrs B Donnelly, DSL Trained, Themed Curriculum Lead, Thrive Practitioner, SENDCO (Currently on Maternity Leave)   151121-4518180
Associate Headteacher- Mr G Green   Geoff
Mrs L Coppin - Assistant Headteacher KS2, Reading Lead and Deputy DSL   151134-4518199

Miss R Leavers - Assistant Headteacher EYFS AND KS1, KS1 Maths Lead and Year 2 Teacher 

Mrs Jane Payne- SENDCO and Deputy DSL    Jane Payne
Miss N Rainford Hay - Office Manager; First Aid at Work, DSL Trained   151130-4518192

Extended Leadership Team 2020-2021

Miss R Poonian - Early Years lead and teacher, Paediatric First Aid and Wider Curriculum Lead    091257-3951931
Mrs M Nandhra - Beginning Teachers Lead, Lower KS2 Phase lead and Writing Lead   091239-3951629

Middle Leadership Team 2020-2021

Mrs R Dickens- Upper KS2 Phase Lead, Reading and Writing Lead and Year 5 Teacher   Rianne Dickens
Miss J Chandler- KS2 Maths Lead and Year 5 Teacher   Jessica Chandler
Mr N Takyi- Well-being and Mentoring Lead, Year 3 Lead and Year 3 Teacher   Nana
Mrs A Pritchard-Wallace - Year 2 Lead, P.E Lead and Year 2 Teacher   151143-4518210
Mrs A May - Whole-school Behaviour Lead, Lead Thrive Practitioner & Family Liaison Officer    151219-4518251
Mrs J Curd- THRIVE and Behaviour Lead (Wednesdays)   Jane Curd

Early Years - Reception Team

Miss R Poonian - EYFS Lead and Teacher of Ladybird Class (Thursday - Friday)   091257-3951931
Mrs J Chandrasekaran - Teacher of Ladybird Class (Monday-Wednesday) and Paediatric First Aid   151218-4518250
Miss K Siraj - Teaching Assistant in Ladybird Class   katheeja web
Miss L Weston - Teacher of Dragonfly Class and EYFS Phonics Lead (Monday -Thursday)   151138-4518203
Miss L Haysom-Oates- Teaching Assistant in Dragonfly Class   Leah
Mrs V Anderson - Class Teacher of Butterfly Class, Music Lead   151139-4518204
Miss L Pearce - Teaching Assistant in Butterfly Class, Paediatric First Aid   151214-4518246

KS1 - Year 1 Team

Ms L Campbell - Teacher of Panda Class 

  Linore Campbell
Miss A Kurup - Teaching Assistant in Panda Class    151200-4518231
 Mr A Grant - High Needs Teaching Assistant in Panda Class   151212-4518245
Mrs M Farr - Teacher of Zebra Class (Monday-Wednesday)   M Farr headshot
Mrs R Farmer - Teacher of Zebra Class (Wednesday-Friday) and Art and DT Lead   151209-4518241
Miss L Francis-Rose  - Teaching Assistant in Zebra Class   151217-4518249
Miss R Taylor - Teacher of Kangaroo Class    151156-4518224
Mrs V Jeyamohan- Teaching Assistant in Kangaroo Class   Vijaya
Mrs K Hibberd - KS1 PPA Teacher and KS1 Phonics Lead   091232-3951620

KS1 - Year 2 Team

Mrs A Pritchard-Wallace - Teacher of Starfish Class (Monday-Wednesday)   151143-4518210
Miss R Leavers- Teacher of Starfish Class (Wednesday-Friday)   151124-4518184
Miss S Brewster - Teaching Assistant in Starfish Class and Maths Intervention Lead   151142-4518208

Ms L Brewer- Higher Needs Teaching Assistant in Starfish Class

  Letitia Brewer
Ms A Julin - Higher Needs Teaching Assistant in Starfish Class    
Miss M Brenyah - Teacher of Dolphin Class, Computing Lead   091254-3951861
Mrs T Amoh-Wiredu- SCITT Student in Dolphin Class   151206-4518238
Miss C Reid- Higher Needs Teaching Assistant in Dolphin Class   151150-4518219
Mr T Penny - Class Teacher of Seahorse Class, R.E Lead   151127-4518189
Mrs N Alffonso - Teaching Assistant in Seahorse Class (HLTA), Paediatric First Aid   091252-3951859
Mrs C Borkar - Higher Needs Teaching Assistant in Year 2 and Intevention Teaching Assistant in Year 5   151201-4518233
Ms S Wiggar- Intervention Teaching Assistant in Year 2   Somer Wigger

KS2 - Year 3 Team

Mr N Takyi- Teacher of Ruby Class   Nana
Miss A Szafraniec - Teaching Assistant in Ruby Class (HLTA)   151215-4518248
Miss C Browne - Higher Needs Teaching Assistant in Ruby Class/Hive Lead   151203-4518234
Miss S Waters - Teacher of Sapphire Class, Music Lead   151131-4518194
Miss D Dominic- Teacher of Sapphire Class   Densy Dominic
Mr Ceres - Teaching Assistant in Sapphire Class    151207-4518240

Miss S Dhiyeby - Higher Needs Teaching Assistant  in Sapphire Class


Mr D Barnett- Teacher of Emerald Class, Science Lead   151145-4518212

Ms A Begg- Teaching Assistant in Emerald Class

Mrs P Bangura- Higher Needs Teaching Assistant in Emerald Class   151159-4518227
Mrs R Shah - PPA Teacher for KS2 and KS2 Art Lead    151123-4518181

KS2 - Year 4 Team

Miss K Rice - Teacher of Topaz Class, Year 4 Lead, MFL Lead and Accreditation Lead   151136-4518201
Mr J Handyside- SCITT student in Mars Class   Joseph Handyside
Ms D Girvan- Teaching Assistant in Topaz Class   Danielle
Mr M Yianni- Teacher of Jade Class   151133-4518197
Mrs C Horgan- Teaching Assistant in Jade Class   camilla
Miss S Mohamed - Higher Needs Teaching Assistant in Jade Class   151157-4518226
Miss A Wilkinson- Teacher of Opal Class   Alicia
Miss R Shaikh - Teaching Assistant in Opal Class   151149-4518218
Mrs R Odugbemi - Higher Needs Teaching Assistant in Opal Class   151221-4518253

KS2 - Year 5 Team

Mrs R Dickens- Teacher of Mercury Class    Rianne Dickens
Mrs M Sachdeva - Teaching Assistant in Mercury Class (HLTA) , Paediatric First Aid   151222-4518254
Miss J Sanderson- Higher Needs Teaching Assistant in Mercury and Venus Class    151152-4518222
Miss J Chandler- Teacher of Mars Class   Jessica Chandler
Mrs R Datta- Teaching Assistant in Mars Class and KS1 EAL Lead   091251-3951857
Miss S Banner- Teacher of Venus Class   Sophie Banner
Miss G Amprako - Teaching Assistant in Venus Class and KS2 EAL Lead   Gifty Aprako
Ms V Fairweather- Higher Needs Teaching Assistant in Mercury and Venus Class   Veronica2
Mrs C Borkar - Intevention Teaching Assistant in Year 5 (PM)   151201-4518233

 Additional Learning Support Staff/Leads 

Mrs C Browne, Paediatric First Aid, Thrive Practitioner, Hive Lead   151203-4518234
Mrs S Lewis (ELKLAN specilaist)   Sharon
Miss F Tadlaoui - Speech and Language Specialist EYFS and KS1   091231-3951555
Mrs R Odugbemi - Speech and Language Specialist KS2    151221-4518253
Mrs R Datta - KS1 EAL TA   091251-3951857
Miss G Amprako- KS2 EAL TA   Gifty Aprako
Mrs Pauline Bangura  - ASD Specialist Teaching Assistant    091234-3951623
Mrs M Helidgard-Ryan - ASD Support Teaching Assistant    Maria Ryan

Office Staff

Miss N Rainford Hay - Office Manager ; First Aid at Work, DSL Trained   151130-4518192
Ms N Aktar - Office Administrator     
Ms K Gillen- Office Administrator    IMG_20201203_112955_resized_20201203_113213106
Premises Manager - Mr G Porter   151141-4518207

Midday Supervisors

Miss C Neivn-  Lunchtime Leader


Mrs M  Wellington - Midday Supervisor


Miss N Virgy- Midday Supervisor


Extended Schools Staff 

Mrs V Gallagher Extended Schools Manager, Paedatirc First Aid, DSL- Before and After School Club   151225-4518257
Miss A Szfraniec -  Extended Schools Deputy Manager, Paedatirc First Aid, DSL- Before and After School Club   151215-4518248
Miss P Paransothy - Play worker   Praveena

Miss T Swaby - Play worker



Ms V Fairweather- Play worker   Veronica2
Miss A Kurup- Play worker   151200-4518231
Ms N Virgy- Play worker   Nasreen
Ms S D'Silva- Play worker   Sabinaa D'Silva