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Senior Leadership Team 2018-2019

Headteacher - Mrs E Brooks (NPQH); Deputy DSL, SEN Accreditation, Inclusion lead, Thrive Practitioner   ESTHER                               
Deputy Headteacher- Mrs H Lewis, DSL, English Lead, Thrive Practitioner 091312-3952138
Deputy Headteascher - Miss B Donnelly, DSL Trained, Themed Curriculum Lead, Thrive Practitioner, SENDCO 091248-3951715

Additional Leadership Team 2018-2019


 Mrs D Fifield - School Buisness Lead

Miss N Rainford Hay - Assistant School Buisness Lead; First Aid at Work, DSL Trained 091218-3951308

Middle Management Team 2018-2019

Miss A Radley - Early Years lead and teacher, Paediatric First Aid, Thrive Practitioner 091224-3951396
Mrs M Nandhra - KS1 lead, Year 1 teacher and English lead 091239-3951629
Miss L Coppin -  Lower Key Stage 2 lead, Year 3 teacher and computing lead 091307-3952076
Miss Rajinder Poonian - Curriculum team and Year 2 teacher 091257-3951931

Miss Ruth Leavers

Year One, Mathematics Lead


Early Years - Reception Team

Miss A Radley - Teacher of Ladybird Class 091224-3951396
Miss L Pearce - Teaching Assistant in Reception, Paediatric First Aid 120443-2897003

Mrs J Chandrasekaran - Teaching Assistant in Ladybird Class, Paediatric First Aid, HLTA

Miss N Saki - Class Teacher of Dragonfly Class and EYFS Phonics Lead 091229-3951553
Miss L Francis-Rose  - Teaching Assistant in Dragonfly Class 091237-3951627
Mrs F El Guenuni - 1:1 SEND support in Dragonfly Class 091231-3951555

Mrs V Anderson - Class Teacher of Butterfly Class


 Mrs T Amoh-Wiredu- Teaching Assistant in Butterfly Class, Paediatric First Aid 114242-3951470
Miss S Brewster - Teaching Assistant in Butterfly Class  091255-3951927

KS1 - Year 1 Team

Mrs A Pritchard-Wallace - Teacher of Panda Class (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday pm)


Mrs K Hibberd - Teacher of Panda Class (Wednesday am, Thursday and Friday) and KS1 Phonics Lead 091232-3951620
Miss U Rajah - Teaching Assistant in Panda Class 091236-3951625
Mrs P Banghra - 1:1 SEND Support in Panda Class (mornings) 091234-3951623
Miss A Shaw - 1:1 SEND Support in Panda Class (afternoons) 091313-3952142
Mrs M Nandhra- Teacher of Kangaroo Class (Monday, Tuesday, Wedensday and Thursday) Currently on maternity leave 091239-3951629

Miss Ruth Leavers- Kangaroo Class, Middle Leader, Mathematcis Leader

Mrs R Farmer - PPA Teacher. Teacher of Kangaroo (Tuesday) 091246-3951713

Mr J Jackson - Teaching Assistant in Kangaroo Class

Miss C Browne - 1:1 SEND Support in Kangaroo Class/Hive Lead 091242-3951659
Mr D Barnett - Teacher of Zebra Class 114246-3951794

Miss K Siraj - Teaching Assistant in Zebra Class

Miss S Dhiyeby - 1:1 SEND Support in Zebra Class 114245-3951792

KS1 - Year 2 Team

Miss R Poonian- Teacher of Seahorse Class/ Curriculum Team 091257-3951931
Mrs M Sachdeva - Teaching Assistant in Seahorse Class, Paediatric First Aid 091259-3951933
Miss M Brenyah - Teacher of Dolphin Class 091254-3951861
 Mrs N Alffonso - Teaching Assistant in Dolphin Class, Paediatric First Aid



Miss S Hasshim - 1:1 SEND Support in Dolphin Class 091249-3951855
Miss B Donnelly - Teacher of Starfish Class (Monday) 091248-3951715
Mr N Barrett - Teacher of Starfish Class (Tuesday-Friday) 091302-3952005
Mrs I Janny  -Teaching Assistant in Starfish Class 091300-3952003
Mrs R Odugbemi - 1:1 SEND Support in Starfish Class 091240-3951633
Mrs R Shah - PPA Teacher for Year 2 rakhee

KS2 - Year 3 Team

Miss L Coppin - Teacher of Ruby Class 091307-3952076
Miss S Waters - SKITT Student in Ruby Class 091304-3952072
Miss A Szfraniec - Teaching Assistant in Ruby Class  091306-3952073
Miss A May - 1:1 SEND Support/TA in Ruby Class 091309-3952078
Mr I James - Teacher of Emerald Class 091310-3952137
Miss A Shaw - Teaching Assistant in Emerald Class, Paediatric First Aid (mornings) 091313-3952142

Additonal Teaching Staff

Mrs J Chandrasekaran - Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA), Paedatirc First Aid, DSL Trained. 091226-3951399
Mrs I Janny - Training Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA), Paediatric First Aid 091300-3952003
Mrs N Affonso - Training Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Paediatric First Aid 091252-3951859

 Learning Support Staff

Mrs C Browne, Paediatric First Aid, Thrive Practitioner, Hive Lead 091242-3951659
Mrs  S Lewis (ELKLAN specilaist) Sharon
Mrs F Guenuni, Paediatric First Aid, Early Identification Lead in EYFS 091231-3951555
Miss A May - Family and Pupil support, Thrive Practitioner and Behaviour Lead 091309-3952078
Mrs R Datta - EAL TA 091251-3951857
 Mrs D Durkin - Family Liaison Officer, Thrive Practitioner Diane D

Office Staff

Miss N Rainford Hay - Office Manager ; First Aid at Work, DSL Trained 091218-3951308
Mrs N Boodoo Uddin - Office Assistant (currently on maternity leave) Nabeela
Miss N Shah - Office Assistant 091221-3951312
Premises Manager - Mr Porter Garry

Midday Supervisors

Mrs  Wellington - Senior Midday Supervisor Michaela
Ms Jenoure - Lunchtime Play Leader Specialist Marcella

Extended Schools Staff 

Mrs V Gallagher Extended Schools Manager, Paedatirc First Aid, DSL- Before and After School Club 091222-3951315
Mrs P Bangura-Extended Schools Deputy Manager 091234-3951623
Miss A Shaw - Play worker 091313-3952142
Mrs T Amoh-Wiredu - Play Worker (currently on maternity leave) 114242-3951470
Miss P Paransothy - Play worker praveena




Miss Tracey Swabey - Play worker 091219-3951310