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Year Two Curriculum

Year Two Curriculum

Autumn Term Topic
Can Buildings Speak?
Buildings and Structures

Big Question; Can buildings speak? There are structures all around us. We see many different styles of building in our local area; what do we notice about their design, their shape, what is their purpose? What can be done to make them stronger? Throughout this theme, we will build on the knowledge and skills that we developed when we watched our own school being developed. We will investigate structures around the world, their names, locations and purpose. We will explore the impact of climate on construction and design. We will develop our awareness of homes around the world. 

Spring Term Topic
What Is A Habitat? 
Wonders of Wildlife

All living things – plants, animals and people – have a home or somewhere to live called a ‘habitat’. It could be huge like the ocean, or small, like a leaf. It could be a forest on the other side of the world or a tree in our local area. Do you know any habitats? We will investigate habitats, flowers and insects. Have you seen flowers or insects? Where did you see them? We will learn that flowers and insects depend on each other and how to look after habitats so that animals and plants can survive. We will focus on Charles Darwin as a famous scientist and how he influenced our understanding of habitats. Internationally, we will learn about the loss of some of the world’s habitats and how this can be prevented. By the end of our topic, we will truly have explored the wonders of wildlife. 

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