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Reception Information for Parents

Meet the Reception Team


Teachers                                                        Role                                                    Class

Miss Poonian                                                  Early Years Lead/Class Teacher        Ladybirds
/Miss Weston                                                  Class Teacher      

Mr Penny                                                        Class Teacher                                     Dragonflies

Mrs Anderson                                                 Class Teacher                                     Butterflies


Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mrs Chandrasekaran


We hope you find our reception page useful.  On this page you will find the most recent newsletters sent from the reception team to keep you informed regarding any notices and giving you an insight into the learning we have been doing and will be carrying out. There will be a new newsletter at the end of every half term.


Below in the ‘page downloads’ section you will find a copy of the proud parent apples if you wish to complete some and send them in to your child’s class teacher. These are for you to contribute to your child’s learning journey to share what your child is learning outside of school. It is important that the children’s learning has examples from both school and home. For example, “Ben counted out 23 leaves when he was walking in the park.”


Below you will also find a copy of the ELG descriptions from each different area the children are assessed on in reception. These are the objectives we teach from throughout the year and this is the expectation of what children will be able to do at the end of the reception year. You will also find a copy of the ELG exceeding descriptors. These are statements that children will be assessed on if they develop further than the ELG statement. You will also find a copy of the “Characteristics of Effective Learning”. During the child’s Reception year we aim to help them develop different skills throughout their learning play. This document outlines the different skills we look for in their learning and which we work on throughout their time in reception.


We have sent home a list of all the phonics words we use during our Read Write Inc sessions and a list of all the tricky words. We have included a copy of this list at the bottom of this page in case you need a extra copy.


We hope you find all this helpful information. If you have any questions you would like answered please come and speak to any of the team.

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